“Tis Plitheris” event – May 29th 2014!



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Dear Friends,
There are many traditions and ancient customs that remain alive in Naxos.
One of them is called “Tis Plitheris”! It takes place 39 days after Easter Sunday.
This year it is on the 29th of May. On this day, the herders of Naxos had made preparations to distribute “Xialo” (fresh unsalted Mitzithra cheese) and milk to their neighbours and their children as a gift. This was done to bring good luck to them and their herd and to invigorate social relationships among the locals. It is a day of joy and hope for shepherds. “Tis Plitheris” actually means “to make more”.
In Kalados Bay, it is customary for some shepherds to muster their herd of goats and sheep on the beach and wash them in the sea if the weather allows it!
There is a liturgy in our little church of Saint Theodoros and a lot of people attend.
After the liturgy we invite all the people attending up to our property to offer coffee, drinks and homemade sweets under the shade of our green trees!
We look forward to seeing you again this year!